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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s New Game Plus Update Accidentally Included A Way For Players To Access A Backend Developer Menu

Insomniac Games finally published the long-awaited new game plus update for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Of course a new game plus mode wasn’t the only new thing added, there were new suits and other goodies, oh and a way to get into the backend of the game and get to a developer menu.

That last part however, as you might’ve guessed wasn’t on purpose. Insomniac realized the mistake quickly after the update went live, and published a notice on its official Twitter account that a fix is coming to block that access off.

If you’re thinking you might want to try and fool around in that forbidden menu before the hotfix however, it would be wise to think twice, as Insomniac warns you could risk corrupting your save files and trophy progress.

Anyone who doesn’t care about this new accidental backdoor and just wants to check out the new suits will have no issue doing so, as Insomniac also clarifies this doesn’t impact anyone playing the game as intended.

“We’re aware the latest game update may have inadvertently allowed access to a development game menu. There’s a hotfix on the way.

Please note that using this menu could corrupt your saves and trophy progress. There is no risk associated with playing the game as intended.”

Source – [Insomniac Games]