Mass Effect 3 ending tied up with Extended Cut – release date and details revealed

Remember that ludicrous situation earlier this year when Bioware apologised to fans about the ending of Mass Effect 3?

The development team were responding to waves of criticism about how the trilogy ended and vowed to “close the journey” properly. What an expensive cock-up, eh?

Well, that time is almost upon us. From Tuesday, June 26 Xbox 360, PS3 and PC owners of Mass Effect can download The Extended Cut, an expansion to the original ending. The DLC won’t entirely replace the ending in Mass Effect 3, but just expands on it more and “reveals greater detail on the impact of player decisions."

Bioware says The Extended Cut will give players the answers they were asking for. Let’s hope so. Imagine if it’s rubbish again, there’s a mass of complaints and Bioware reveals The Extended Extended cut?

You can check out a Q&A about the whole debacle at the official Mass Effect 3 site.