Mass Effect 4 is beautiful, fun and ambitious, says project director

The project director for the Mass Effect trilogy, Casey Hudson, has tweeted about the next game in the Mass Effect franchise.

We’ve known Bioware is working on Mass Effect 4 for a while, but it’s been some time since we’ve heard about the status of the project. Casey says he believes the team is doing "excellent work" and that the game looks "Mass Effect-y". Hudson was Project Director on the Mass Effect trilogy, but has moved on to another unannounced Bioware project.

Many have been wondering where the Mass Effect series is going after the controversial ending of the third title. Many rumors suggest that the game will be an MMO or have some sort of cooperative mode. Bioware has also stated that Commander Shepard’s story is over, and that they wish to tell other stories within the Mass Effect universe. It’s also unclear whether the game will be a prequel or a sequel.