Mass Effect 4 team gains new recruit with former Gears of War dev

Epic Games’ Chris Wynn has cut ties with the Gears of War studio and jumped ship to join BioWare’s Mass Effect production team.

Wynn, who previously served as lead producer on GoW 3 and senior producer on GoW: Judgment, will now take up the role of senior development director on the next Mass Effect, current in the early stages of production.

He Tweeted: “Thrilled to announce that I will be joining BioWare as the Sr. Development Director on the next Mass Effect!”

Epic Games has been hit with a number of departures as of late, with Rod Fergusson (senior producer), Cliff Bleszinski (design director) and Mike Capps (president) all quitting the firm within the space of a year.

As for Mass Effect 4, well, right now we don’t even know if the game will take the form of a prequel or a sequel to the events of Commander Shepard’s epic struggle against the Reapers. BioWare did confirm it will utilize the Frostbite 3 engine and won’t merely feature another incarnation of Shepard, though that’s about all we know so far.

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