Mass Effect Andromeda central theme explained by BioWare

Speaking during an interview with OPM U.K., BioWare Montreal producer Michael Gamble has shed light on the core themes behind the hotly anticipated Mass Effect Andromeda.

Quizzed by the publication on what Andromeda’s ‘core, central theme’ is, Gamble replied that the sci-fi RPG places much of its emphasis on galactic exploration.

The premise is about galactic exploration. It’s much like modern day Elon Musk-ism, which is: ‘I wonder if we can get here? I wonder if we can do that?’ Andromeda is a human story, but much like on Earth where we would have people from all walks of life join these expeditions, the same thing happens in the Milky Way – all different types of races join this expedition, and we do it as one concerted effort as opposed to separate people doing separate things

We do so because we know it won’t be easy on the other side. There’s no animosity [in the team]. Everyone is doing this for the common good and for the same reason, which is: “Let’s find somewhere else to go.”

Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay to debut at Game Awards 2016 



Mass Effect Andromeda is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One at some point in spring 2017. The game will receive all-new footage in early December at the Game Awards, although BioWare recently celebrated N7 Day with a new Mass Effect Andromeda cinematic trailer.

The game takes place some 600 years after the events of the original Mass Effect trilogy, and sees players controlling one of the Ryder siblings as they search the Andromeda galaxy in hopes of finding humanity a new planet to colonise. The Mako is returning from the original game, with exploration one of the key components featured in Andromeda alongside the combat and building relationships with characters.

Mass Effect Andromeda will introduce a brand new race in the shape of the antagonistic ‘Kett,’ who will be opposing Ryder and her team. The game is also unlikely to be the final entry in the critically acclaimed franchise.

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Source: OPM UK Issue 130 (Christmas 2016)