Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay walkthrough of first 13 mins in 4K looks amazing

mass effect andromeda walkthrough

New Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay showcases the first 15 minutes of Bioware’s upcoming sci-fi RPG.

Hosted by IGN, the walkthrough takes us through the initial stages. The action begins with an intro:

"In the year 2185, humanity lives in a golden era of interstellar travel. Our discovery of ancient alien ruins on Mars propelled our understanding of science and technology ahead of thousands of years. While many now enjoy the newfound freedom and challenges of exploration in the Milky Way, others look to even more distant stars.

Find out more about Mass Effect Andromeda’s central theme.

"For the hundred thousand adventurers embarking on this one-way voyage, the future begins in… Andromeda."

In the Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay walkthrough we see the introduction of Ryder and the type of choices he has to make. His first task is to pick from an emotional, logical, casual or professional response. 

We won’t spoil the rest for you. Just watch and find out.

The Mass Effect Andromeda release date has been confirmed as March 21, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.