Mass Effect Andromeda HDR support confirmed for PS4

Mass Effect Andromeda will support High Dynamic Range (HDR) on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, BioWare’s Aaryn Flynn has confirmed on Twitter (via GameSpot).

Mass Effect Andromeda PS4 is shaping up to be a visual treat

While you won’t need a PlayStation 4 Pro to enjoy the additional visual flavors that HDR support offers, gamers are required to own a 4K TV in order to see the benefits. As we already know, Mass Effect Andromeda supports PS4 Pro, and was showcased running on Sony’s high-end console during its reveal event back in September 2016.

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Flynn’s confirmation of HDR support comes following a bunch of new Tweets regarding Mass Effect Andromeda, including the fact the hotly anticipated sci-fi RPG won’t feature a Season Pass. However, no details are currently available as to the nature of post-launch support for the game. 

BioWare set a Mass Effect Andromeda release date during its CES 2017 trailer for the game, confirming the title will ship in North America on March 21 and in Europe on March 24 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Those of you who feel like splashing out on the game can pick up the Mass Effect Andromeda Collector’s Edition, which features a remote control Nomad among other goodies. 

Mass Effect Andromeda takes place around 600 years after the events of the Reaper invasion depicted in the original trilogy, and sees players controlling one of the Ryder siblings; pathfinders tasked with exploring the Andromeda galaxy in search of new home for the human race. The game features a fully revamped multiplayer mode, while the main campaign promises epic boss fights and multiple side quests.

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