Mass Effect Andromeda sales chart success for BioWare’s RPG


BioWare’s Mass Effect Andromeda has debuted at no.1 on the U.K. All Format Chart, though first-week sales of the epic space RPG were down on Mass Effect 3’s launch performance back in March 2012.

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Still, Mass Effect Andromeda managed to dislodge Ghost Recon Wildlands from the top spot, and evidently the controversy surrounding its various technical hiccups, notably some dodgy character animations, did little to impact upon its performance at retail. Still, it’s obvious that critics were not quite so taken with this latest entry in BioWare’s multi-million selling franchise as its predecessor.

Mass Effect Andromeda takes place some 600 years after the events of the Reaper invasion depicted in the original trilogy, and sees players exploring the titular Andromeda galaxy as Ryder; a pathfinder tasked with locating a new safe haven for humanity. Be sure to check out our Mass Effect Andromeda romance guide to give you a helping hand in your relationships throughout the game.

mass effect andromeda sales

BioWare has confirmed that it is looking at ways to polish up the game’s technical issues, and previously revealed that it will support the multiplayer with numerous post-launch content, which will be available free of charge.

Check out the full U.K. Top Ten below.

  1. Mass Effect Andromeda
  2. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands
  3. Lego Worlds
  4. Horizon Zero Dawn
  5. Grand Theft Auto V
  6. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  7. FIFA 17
  8. Rocket League
  9. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  10. Forza Horizon 3

Source: Eurogamer