Mass Effect Andromeda won’t have returning characters, combat has an ‘overall similar feel’

BioWare’s Chris Wynn has suggested that the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda will not feature returning characters from previous instalments in the sci-fi RPG franchise.

Quizzed by fans on Twitter if any familiar faces will pop up in the hotly anticipated action-RPG, Wynn replied, "story-wise, it wouldn’t make much sense." 

Elsewhere, Wynn, a native of Michigan, USA, said that the game’s combat will differ in some regards to the original Mass Effect trilogy.

"There are some new elements that make it more dynamic," he said, adding combat will still have an "overall similar feel."

Mass Effect: Andromeda is due for release on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One in holiday 2016. The game was formally announced during Electronic Arts’ E3 2015 press conference, though little else has been shown to date.

BioWare has previously teased a few bits and pieces on Twitter, including describing the levelling up system as ‘incredible‘ and confirming the main character will have a surname. Have a look at the latest screenshots here.

via Design Trend