Mass Effect trilogy remaster strongly hinted at by EA

Speaking during an interview with Game Informer, Patrick Soderlund, Executive Vice President of EA Studios, has strongly hinted that we may see a Mass Effect Trilogy HD see the light of day at some point.

Soderlund’s comments appear to suggest that the publishing behemoth has changed its stance on remasters, noting that consumer demand for a spruced up edition of Commander Shepard’s alien-blasting antics has gathered pace.

When quizzed by GI on the topic of remasters, specifically Mass Effect, the executive commented:

What’s changed is that there is proof in the market that people want it, maybe more than there was when we spoke. There were some that did it before, but I think there is even more clear evidence that this is something that people really want. The honest answer is that we are absolutely actively looking at it. I can’t announce anything today, but you can expect us most likely to follow our fellow partners in Activision and other companies that have done this successfully.”


Elsewhere, Soderlund also explained EA’s decision not to showcase the hotly anticipated Mass Effect Andromeda at Gamescom 2016 this week.

"You’ll get [your first look at gameplay] in the not too distant future,” he said. "I get people want to see gameplay and I just came back from a short vacation and I played through the first three hours of the game. It’s very playable, and there is no alarm about, ‘Why aren’t they showing it?’ It’s strictly that the game will get the right type of exposure at the right time and that we can the right voice for it. Right now we’re focused on our big titles for [October through December], and when that’s done, we’ll shift to Mass Effect. You’ll see a lot more very shortly."

Mass Effect Andromeda release date set for early 2017

Mass Effect Andromeda is currently in development for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One, with EA pinning an early 2017 release on the project. The series’ annual N7 Day celebrations kicks off in November, so it isn’t hard to imagine we’ll hear something more on the game then.

The game takes place in an entirely new setting to the original Mass Effect trilogy, and sees players controlling newcomer Riley as he/she sets out with a diverse alien crew to find a new home for humanity. The Mako is set to make a comeback this time around, allowing gamers to fully explore uncharted planets across the Andromeda galaxy.

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