Massive EU PS Store update

For possibly the first time ever, the EU PlayStation Store update massacred the relatively boring US update.

This newest update brings both Joust and Rampart onto the European PlayStation Store (priced the same as the other Midway classics). As usual, both are the exact same game as their predecessors with the exception of an online mode.

But here’s where it gets interesting. It appears Evolution Studios quickly nailed out that nasty bug that caused a delay of the MotorStorm 1.2 update in North America, as both v1.2 and Time Attack are now available in PAL territories. The download is a mere 100 KB in size, so don’t worry about it filling up your HDD.

Other additions include standard Lair, Haze, and Super Stardust HD trailers. Also, make sure to check out the trailer regarding the story of The Darkness. Last but not least, there’s an interview with Paul Hollywood, Product Manager on the MotorStorm team.
Finally Europeans have something to get excited over. Check back for all information on PlayStation Store updates.