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MediEvil Trophy List Confirmed

The full MediEvil Trophy list has been confirmed ahead of the launch of the PlayStation 4 revamp of the classic PSOne title later this month. Check them out below.

MediEvil Trophies Confirmed

  • Savior of Gallowmere – Unlock all Trophies (Platinum)
  • Quest Complete-est – Complete all levels in the game (Gold)
  • Mortem Would Be Proud – Collect all entries of the Book of Gallowmere (Gold)
  • King of Cups – Collect all the chalice rewards (Gold)
  • Wolfsbane – Defeat the Guardians of the Graveyard (Silver)
  • A Paneful Demise – Defeat the Stained Glass Demon in the Hilltop Mausoleum (Silver)
  • Demolished the Demons – Destroy both Demonettes in the Enchanted Earth (Silver)
  • Bone Head Bone Dead – Defeat the Ghost Ship Captain aboard the Ghost Ship (Silver)
  • Antagonist – Eradicate the Queen Ant and her minions (Silver)
  • Pulp King Pumpkin – Defeat the Pumpkin King in mortal pumpkin combat (Silver)
  • Not So Scary Now, Eh? – Defeat Lord Kardok and his skeletal steed (Silver)
  • Whack-A-Wyrm – Defeat the dragon in the Crystal Caves (Silver)
  • Almost A Hero – Give the Knights of the Gallowmere everything you have (Silver)
  • Lost and Found – Find all Lost Souls (Silver)
  • Soul Saviour – Lay all the Lost Souls to rest (Silver)
  • If It Slithers, I Slay – Kill the Serpent of Gallowmere (Silver)
  • Healthiest Man Alive – Er Dead – Collect every Life Bottle (Silver)
  • Sir Moneybags – Collect 10,000 gold coins (Bronze)
  • Old School Sneaky – Attempt to perform any original game cheat code (Bronze)
  • Impaired Drivers – Defeat both Mecha Imps and their taunting Imp pilots (Bronze)
  • Master Dan-At-Arms – Collect every weapon (Bronze)
  • Dizzy Decimator – Defeat 30 enemies with the sword spin attack (Bronze)
  • The Answer is Chicken – Throw 42 chicken legs (Bronze)
  • Witches’ Familiar – Collect the Witch Tailsman and complete both witch quests (Bronze)
  • Zip Zap Imp Splat – Fry a dozen Imps with Lightning (Bronze)
  • Gimme That Back! – Lose, then recover your weapon from an Imp (Bronze)
  • It’s Not Their Fault They’re Mad – Don’t harm the Mad Family (Bronze)
  • Deathly Smorgasbord – Die 7 different ways (Bronze)
  • Partial To The Potions – Drink 32 Health Vials (Bronze)
  • Now With Added Magic – Enchant the Broad Sword (Bronze)
  • Mostly Armless – Kill something with your own arm (Bronze)
  • Rock Wrangler – Avoid all the rolling rocks on Cemetery Hill (Bronze)
  • Colonel Fortescue’s Special Recipe – Turn an enemy into a Roasted Chicken and eat it (Bronze)
  • Not So Armless – Defeat Stained Glass Demon with just your arm (Bronze)
  • A Shocking Lack of Respect – Destroy 100 gravestones (Bronze)
  • That’s Just Mean – Smash a severed hand (Bronze)
  • Walls Are For Chumps – Return to Dan’s Crypt and smash down the secret wall (Bronze)
  • Arsonist – Set 50 enemies on fire (Bronze)
  • Stop Hitting Yourself – Get hit by a falling crystal during Dragon battle in Crystal Caves (Bronze)

Source: Exophase