Messiah Entertainment to release PS3 triggers in NA

Some of you may have heard about Giotech’s L2+R2 trigger attachments for the PlayStation 3 Sixaxis/DualShock 3 that came packaged with copies of PSM3 in Europe.  However, if you live in North America, you’re aware that retailers aren’t often found that carry this specific magazine.  Messiah Entertainment realizes this and has begun pre-orders on a trigger set of their own that are very comparable to those brought to you by Giotech. 

As you can make out from the image provided above, these attachments will give your triggers that much added extra comfort to prevent slip-off from occurring.  This has been a problem for a lot of PlayStation 3 owners and it seems that the issue will be solved.  These small little add-ons are apparently very easily attached and detached and are made of a durable plastic.

Pre-orders for the PS3 controller armor which includes the triggers are set to ship April 14.  They’re priced at $9.99 USD which isn’t remotely bad at all.