Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Cheats

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Cheats

Extreme Mode:

Successfully complete the game to unlock this extra difficulty setting.

Digital Camera:

Complete the game and continue to play through another time on your current save file; the Digital Camera will be in your inventory for both Snake and Raiden for the Tanker and Plant chapters, respectively.

Getting the Wig:

First of all, play through the Tanker and Plant scenarios and acquire every Dog Tag. Next, start a new game and save your progress; the Wig will appear in your inventory, giving infinite ammunition for every weapon in the game.

Zoom-in on Cut Scenes:

During one of the game’s real-time cut scenes, press and hold R1 to zoom the camera in. You can also move the camera around briefly by using the right analog stick.

Increasing Hanging Strength:

While hanging from any ledge or bar, press and hold L2 and R2 to make your character perform a pull-up. If you do approximately 100 pull-ups, your strength will increase, allowing you to hang for a greater period of time.

Obtaining Ocelot’s Dog Tags:

Following your conversation with Ames in Shell 1, you will be prompted to draw your AK-47 so the terrorists will acknowledge as a member of their unit. During this time, Revolver Ocelot will slowly walk towards you, giving you about 10 seconds to draw your weapon. However, instead of drawing your AK, switch to the M9 Tranquilliser handgun, and shoot Ocelot in the head, knocking him out.

Quickly approach Ocelot and pick him up before dropping him again, which will produce his tags. Finally, immediately call Rosemary and save your progress; after doing so, you’ll fail the mission, but can simply click ‘Continue’ and you will still have Ocelot’s dog tags in your possession, allowing you to carry on as normal.

Instant Knock Out:

For a quick way to briefly neutralize your opponent if they should spot you, simply shoot the exclamation mark on above their head to render them unconscious.

Stopping Reinforcements:

In order to stop your enemies from calling for reinforcements, shoot their radio as they are calling for backup, or better still, shoot it before the spot you, in which case the device will be located on your foe’s back.

Quick Wake-up:

To speed up the process in which your enemy recovers from getting knocked out, spray them with the coolant. This process will prove instrumental in acquiring dog tags, as it allows you to get behind them as they regain consciousness and hold them up as soon as they get up.