Consumer Electronics Show [CES] 2008 News

Metal Gear Solid 4: Sony Claimed Exclusive

If anything could rival the myth of Global Warming, it’s probably Konami’s hit series, Metal Gear Solid finding its future installment on the XBOX 360. This game has been at the tip of the iceberg for rumors for a year now. A lot of 360 loyalists truly believed that this game would be ported over to their console of choice, however, at CES, Sony has officially shown that MGS4 will be a Sony Exclusive.

Alongside this unveiling was the same demo footage of MGS4 from the Tokyo Game Show in mid-2007. Also running above this demo was a screen that was revealing MGS4 facts and tidbits. One of which was the exclusivity announcement on the screen. Something else PS3 fans may be happy to know, is that MGS4 will support the new DualShock 3 controller.

Konami hasn’t officially given a statement announcing this as an exclusive, however, Sony is pouring it on hard to its consumers and investors that Metal Gear Solid will truly stay where it belongs, on the PlayStation 3 Console.