Metal Gear Solid 4 to feature limited sixaxis ability

Metal Gear Solid 4 is set to release on June 12 and so far has carried with it not only a ton of hype but more recently, a ton of news.  It seems like the entire gaming media is rotating around MGS4 this week and everything that it has to offer.  This is just one more bit of news to chalk-up to that slate.

Appearing in the new Electronic Gaming Monthly, Ryan Payton, Assistant Producer of MGS4, discussed how they were going to implement the tilt-functionality of the sixaxis controller.

"I think the problem with this feature is it was severly overhyped," says Payton. "It was talked up as Sony’s answer to the Wii Remote. The trick is to use Sixaxis sparingly and have fun with it. I don’t think anybody wants to play a long game while consistently having to tilt the controller around. Rather, it’s fun for the player when they’re given a chance to use it in short bursts– that’s how we’re approaching Sixaxis in MGS4."

We here at PSU believe that this is probably the most appropriate approach that developers should be taking with the motion sensing capabilities the controller offers.  It shouldn’t ever be used as the answer for the Wiimote, but just as another element to enjoy gaming through.  We’ll keep you notified if anything else is released in regards to Metal Gear Solid 4.