Metal Gear Solid recreated spectacularly in LEGO Worlds

lego worlds metal gear solid

We certainly weren’t kept waiting when it came to a brick-by-brick rendition of Hideo Kojima’s opus Metal Gear Sold in the recently released LEGO Worlds, that’s for sure.

YouTuber ‘Bearly Regal’ (fantastic name, by the way), has stepped up to the plate in a big way by painstakingly re-creating the famous areas from the first hour-or-so of the seminal stealth classic. Not only is the gruff exterior of Solid Snake transposed onto a little LEGO man, but the Hind-D, the snow, the elevator and even the cargo truck have also made the block-based transition.

There’s even an overlay of the music pertinent to the particular scenes being shown. Delightful.

Check it out below.

Judging by a reddit thread created by Bearly Regal himself, the project has taken around 60 hours thus far, and at the time of writing he’s unsure whether or not he’s going to delve further into recreating Shadow Moses. Let’s hope he does – the thought of seeing the Psycho Mantis in LEGO form warrants the interest alone. Not to mention Vulcan Raven.

Ironically enough, the designers of the original Metal Gear Solid would oftentimes use LEGO to craft out the concepts for some of the game’s levels. Unhappy with how much time Kojima-san was spending at work, his wife was said to be furious when their son returned home from visiting the office only to proclaim that Dad ”plays with Legos [SIC] all day.”

At present, Hideo Kojima is currently plying his trade with Kojima Productions, hard at work on the studio’s maiden title, Death Stranding. Recently, a leak emerged that seems to signal that Hollywood megastar Emma Stone may be involved with the project following weeks of speculation.

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