Metal Gear Solid V cost over $80 million to develop, says Nikkei report

An article from Japanese business newspaper Nikkei reveals Metal Gear Solid V reportedly cost over $80 million for Konami to develop.

The budget for MGSV provides new speculation on the falling out between Metal Gear creator and director Hideo Kojima and Konami that was reported earlier this year. 

The article also writes that Konami founder and chairman Kagemasa Kozuki is no longer interested in increasing the budgets of console games as their return on investment has decreased and especially after the success of the 2010 mobile game Dragon Collection, which had less than $1 million budget.

Freelance games localizer Thomas James translated other bits of the Nikkei article, including information on the strict, poisonous company culture at Konami.

Source: NeoGAF