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Metroidvania Inspired “Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster” Is Coming To PS4, PS5

Spanish developer Dormidin Studio has announced their new game Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster is on its way to PlayStation consoles. Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster is a 2D Metroidvania-inspired action adventure side scroller that features vibrant visuals, satisfying combat, usage of spells, the ability to transform into different animals, colossal bosses, and epic music to boot.

Check out the description for the game from the PlayStation Store;

After the brief peace that followed the wars of the portals that devastated the country, new winds of war threaten its inhabitants when the new king of Imperia together with the Sacred Kingdom have started a war against non-humans, using the services of one of the Last Wizards of Arborea: Trece XIII and their generals, it is the moment of the prophecy, a chosen one will unite Men and beasts to bring peace. Welcome to the world of Arborea, welcome to Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster.

— You are the last of the Beastmaster, use the souls of animals/creatures to transform and progress in the adventure.

— A continuous Metroidvania-style map, open new paths or unlock new routes with your Beastmaster abilities, evil and sorcery lurks in all corners.

— Gather beads for your ritual necklace: you will get fangs, amulets, and plant roots that will change your attacks, vitality, or Mana.

— Enter into a duel in the different Arenas the battle will be with a close camera and energy bars like in the classic fighting games. In the Arena you can enhance your skills and get unique items.

— Find new sword techniques that your old Sensei taught you, use magic potions or summons curses. Thanks to your sword, you can get the power of a god.

— Throughout your adventure you will find many NPCs (Non-Playing Characters) that will give more strength to the narrative of the story, dealing with them will open the possibility of knowing new missions, arcs (as in an Anime series) and complete different endings.

Although no release date has been announced for Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster, you can wishlist the game on the PlayStation Store. In the meantime, you may feast your eyes on the trailer below.

Source: TGG