MGS4 Music Customization In Planning

We all know Hideo Kojima was at the Games Convention of 2007, with a MGS4 trailer by his side. After detailing his franchise, Kojima went on to show a MGS4 trailer, which displayed stunning beauty and no freezing this time around thankfully.

After the trailer finished, a fan blurted out a question to Kojima about the opening and closing tracks for the game. Kojima asked if he meant the main music–to which the kid gave a dull "Yeah." He then was about to say something and suddenly said, "I almost slipped, but there might be a special feature where maybe you can play your own favorite tunes."

Simply, Kojima stating that we will gt to play OUR own tunes. But what does it mean? The SDK 1.8’s overshadowed custom music feature is actually being used? But we wonder what’s the point when an In-Game XMB Overlay is already confirmed to be coming? Or is it not anytime soon?
Stay tuned to PSU for more information on MGS4 and any music customization.