Middle-earth Shadow of War endgame Shadow Wars detailed

shadow of war endgame shadow wars

Middle-earth Shadow of War endgame mode detailed

Monolith has confirmed details on Shadow Wars, the new endgame mini-campaign that takes place after players have Middle-earth Shadow of War’s main storyline.

Shadow Wars follows Talion’s successful campaign against Sauron in Mordor, and sees The Dark Lord mount a counterattack against the ex-ranger’s forces. 

Here, Sauron’s forces assault various regions in an attempt to reclaim the Dark Tower, which are split into stages and sees enemies increasing in difficulty as you progress.

Gameplay-wise, Shadow Wars is based on the fortress assault from the main campaign, only this time you’re holding capture points until the attacking Warchiefs have been slain or otherwise overcome. Beat off the attacking forces, and you’ll keep hold of the fort. 

However, if you fail to defend your fortress, it will fall back into Sauron’s hands and you will need to mount an attack to take it back, thus advancing to the next stage. 

It’s only after you conquer Shadow Wars that you will unlock the true ending to Middle-earth Shadow of War, which will reportedly tie-in with the beginning of The Lord of the Rings saga, presumably around the time of Fellowship of the Ring. 

Monolith’s decision to implement this meaty endgame mode is likely due to criticism the developer received for Shadow of Mordor, which lacked much incentive to continue playing following completion of the main story.

Middle-earth Shadow of War is due for release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on October 10, 2017. Recently, Monolith confirmed that the upcoming fantasy-RPG will feature microtransactions, although despite earlier reports, it will not require a constant Internet connection.

The game takes place following the events of the original game, and see Talion continuing his war against Sauron using the power of a newly-forced Ring of Power. The sequel will greatly expand on Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis system, so that you are now able to command entire armies to conquer enemy strongholds. 

Source: Eurogamer