Middle-earth:Shadow of War live action teaser is epic, watch it now

shadow of war live action

While a lot of games release live-action trailers, Middle-earth: Shadow of War kicks it up a notch. Add in the Lord of the Rings vibe, and you have something special. While this is but a teaser, the full-length live-action trailer will be released on September, and if it’s as awesome looking as this teaser, then Lord of the Rings fans will be in for a treat.

In the brief 30-second teaser, it shows Talion taking out orcs, and having to choose whether to save one that’s captured. It essentially plays out a scenario whether a player will save one of their cronies or let them to die.

Not bad, right? Don’t forget, the full-length trailer will be out next week. In other Middle-earth: Shadow of War news, check out the this awesome tribute to a deceased Monolith developer wherein he gets immortalized as a DLC character. Set for release this October 10 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, Middle-earth: Shadow of War pre-order numbers are already well ahead of Batman: Arkham Knight’s, which is a positive sign it’s on the right path.