Missing PS3 titles – Have you seen me?

Remember when the PlayStation 3 was first kicking off and developers were announcing their first line up of exciting new titles for the console? Some titles that may ring a bell included Killzone 2, Motorstorm, Project I-8 (which later became Resistance: Fall of Man), and Metal Gear Solid 4.

Now the reason these titles are familiar are that they have either already released or have at least been shown or talked about over the past few months. But what about the mysterious games that were announced, even shown in some cases, but since have dropped off the radar? Are they still in production? Have they been canned or shelved? PSU.com provides a look at the games that have drifted into the forgotten realm as we speculate or offer confirmation on their current status.

This is part one of a multi-day feature, so stay tuned for part two shortly.

The City of Metronome:

Developed by Team Tarsier, The City of Metronome was a next gen title for the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3. The game had somewhat of a dark,Tim Burton-like feel, where players would given the chance to explore winding alleys, skewed rooftops and crowded apartment buildings.

The unique gameplay element this title utilized was the ability to record sounds and use them for various tasks during the game such as fighting enemies or solving puzzles. Also, through the right usage of certain sounds you can confuse citizens, seduce them, or just change their mood and behavior.

The game showed potential with its eerie visuals and imaginative gameplay, however like this feature suggests, it slipped away into the shadows.

View the trailer here:

Where is the title now?

In June 2007, Tarsier told PSU.com that the game had been set on the back burner, however in a recent talk with one of the game’s developers, it sounds like they are still interested in moving forward with The City of Metronome.

"We got some funding from Nordic Game late last year. That will allow us to get back and hopefully do some awesome Metronome stuff that will get publishers interested," wrote Tarsier developer Björn Sunesson.

"We are currently super busy working on an unannounced PSN game with Sony…nothing Metronomey until that one is out."


Published by SCEI, Eyedentify was a new PS3 exclusive built specifically for the PS Eye. Using the voice recognition technology and the PS Eye, players would communicate with two female operatives to complete objects. Details on the game remained relatively tight lipped; however when the game was announced at E3 2005, SCEI was able to show a trailer of the game and how players would utilize the new PS3 camera.

View the tralier here:

Where is the title now?

Considering that E3 2005 was over three years ago, one would assume that either SCEI or SCEA would have given us an update on the titles current production state, especially when the PS Eye was released. So far the only update on the titles existence was a post by Jeremy Dunham, Editor in Chief of IGN’s PlayStation Team, in June 2007.

"I called up some friends at Sony to see if they knew what’s up and the scary part? Nobody there even remembered what the hell Eyedentify was, nor did they remember the trailer from two years ago. If it makes you feel any better, though, that doesn’t mean that the game is cancelled. As one of our pals over there said, "If it’s coming out of the Japanese studio then we wouldn’t find out much about it until it’s time to lift the veil.""

Our guess is that the game was an early concept that died and since the hype was going to other titles such as Resistance: Fall of Man, Killzone 2, and Motorstorm…Sony felt there was no need to announce anything official. The balls in your court now, Sony – time for an update, wouldn’t you say?

Stay tuned tomorrow for the necxt titles on our list of forgotten games.