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Welcome to the fourth part of our Missing PS3 Titles feature, where PSU takes a look at some of the most elusive PS3 games announced thus far. This time around, we examine Time0, which hasn’t been seen since early 2007. Fortunately, however, we have new word from Zootfly on Time0 to help keep everyone updated. 




Developed by Zootfly, Time0 is a gritty action adventure title inspired by Ghostbusters. The title was first shown in early 2007, as a prototype to gain public interest and push a publisher to sort out IP issues. Last year PSU spoke with CEO Bostjan Troha on Time0 and asked how closely it tied into the world of Ghostbusters.

"It was and still is a long evolution, as we wanted to differentiate TimeO from Ghostbusters to a large degree. This is in large extent due to the deepest respect we have for the creators of Ghostbusters. We didn’t want to violate the holy relic of our youth," Troha said.

In terms of storyline, Time0 follows two New Yorkers named Zed Condor, an urban explorer and Violet Munro, an investigative reporter who get trapped in the shadow world of a parallel New York. Teeming with monsters and giant machines, Zed and Violet must find a way to stop the enslaved people of the shadow world from launching an invasion on Earth.

The tech demo can be viewed in the video clip below.


However, since it’s first unveiling in 2007, Zootfly has been silent and has ceased to provide any updates on production of Time0. That is, until today.

 Where is the title now?

Fortunately we can now reveal Time0 is alive and well; PSU.com contacted Zootfly’s Bostjan Troha for an update and this is what we found out:

"We’re still talking to… how shall I put it… two of the top four publishers about publishing Time0," said Troha. "The 20th Century Fox title will be announced by Brash Entertainment sometime in summer. Unfortunately that’s all I am allowed to disclose."