MK vs. DC Universe U.S. version cut, U.K. gets more gore

The Senior Producer of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Hans Lo, has told PSU in an exclusive interview that the U.K. version of its upcoming fighting game will be far more brutal and bloodier than its U.S. counterpart.

“It’s all down to the ratings system in the two territories”, said Hans. Whilst the U.S. version has acquired a ‘Teen’ rating, which is geared toward those 13 and over, the U.K. version has a ‘16+’ rating, which allows for more graphic violence.

“It’s just what we can get away with for each rating,” said Hans. “A 13 year old is totally different to a 16 year old, so we have a certain responsibility.”

The Joker’s fatality is one of the moves that has been edited for the U.S. audience, but Hans also hinted that other character’s moves have also been censored, though he didn’t clarify which ones. At a London event last week, where we witnessed Deathstroke impale Liu Kang through the heart and then deliver a satisfying and merciless head-shot with his gun, we’d guess that he’ll be top of the list for the chop for the U.S. version.

Despite the editing, Hans did stress that his team has pushed the ratings in both territories right to the edge and that fatalities in both version will still be identical.

“There are some differences, but technically the fatalities are the same, it’s just the way that the cameras are angled that differs,” he said.

Sadly, it’s unlikely we’ll find out just how much editing has taken place until the game hits stores later this month.

Stay tuned for the full interview with Hans Lo.