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Mojang Will No Longer Support Minecraft Dungeons With New Content As The Game Hits 25 Million Players

Minecraft Dungeons arrived little more than three years ago, and the Diablo-style Minecraft game took almost no time finding an audience and community.

So much so that Mojang has revealed Minecraft Dungeons has hit more than 25 million players, and at the same time, Mojang is ending support for Minecraft Dungeons.

A bit of a perplexing announcement, as Mojang celebrates this strong milestone and then tells those 25 million players that there’s nothing new to look forward to.

“Today, on the day of Minecraft Dungeons announcement five years ago, we’re proud to share that our little game has hit a milestone and passed 25 million unique players!” Mojang began in a blog post on its website.

“Minecraft Dungeons began as a passion project, inspired by our love of classic dungeon crawler games and re-imagined as a completely new Minecraft experience. But it was the love of our players that made it grow and thrive…However, every journey has an end.

As 1.17 was Minecraft Dungeons final update, our team has now moved on to new projects that continue to explore experiences in the Minecraft universe. This means that there are no new features or content updates planned for the game.”

Of course not every game is meant to be it’s own never-ending live service, so it’s not entirely surprising that Mojang is moving on. Still, this isn’t exactly what Minecraft Dungeons fans want to see.

Players will instead have to look towards whatever is next from Mojang’s expansion of the Minecraft universe and what games can exist within that space.

Source – [Mojang]