Moore likens videogaming to a "red-headed stepchild"

EA sports supremo Peter Moore has led an impassioned defence of videogaming in an interview over on gama this morning, expecting sales of Madden ’09 to trump efforts of big-budget Hollywood blockbusters this month.

"Madden continues to be one of those one or two titles that can deliver $100 million-plus months, and we’ve done that again," said Moore. "I’m very happy for the team, and very happy to be able to drive such growth for the marketplace."

"When consumers look at entertainment value per dollar spent, movies cannot hold a candle to an online game," he continued. "I’ve been in the industry long enough to be here before online games even existed… here we are now, and 100 million games will be played online for the lifecycle of Madden 09."

Moore was a little more cautious concerning the overall picture however, stating, "we’re still the red-headed stepchild; and we’re still not mainstream entertainment."

$100 million initial sales on the basis of one of the best-reviewed sports games to date can’t be too far off the mainstream.

Can it?