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More Final Fantasy XVI DLC Isn’t Impossible, But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up, Says Naoki Yoshida

Final Fantasy XVI was one of the biggest games of 2023, a year with a lot of very big games. Before 2023 was over, Final Fantasy XVI was made even bigger, with the launch of new DLC content in Echoes Of The Fallen.

At the end of that DLC, it was very clear to players (and PSU) that they were being teed up for the next DLC to come, Rising Tide, which is set to arrive sometime in Spring 2024.

If you were already looking ahead at what’s going to come after the Rising Tide DLC however, producer on Final Fantasy XVI Naoki Yoshida says that you shouldn’t be getting your hopes up, when asked about more DLC in a recent GameInformer interview.

“That’s a difficult question. My honest answer is ‘I don’t know at the moment,’ but at the same time, the possibility isn’t entirely zero. I don’t want to bar out any real possibilities at this time.

The reason being is that we did spend a lot of effort […] and time creating this game […] and we put a lot of cutting edge technology into this game.

And because of that, we were able to gain a lot of experience, a lot of learnings, that we can possibly apply to our next project or title. So my honest feeling is that the team does want to take on a new challenge and move on to a different project – maybe it’s a completely new game, perhaps in a completely new form of entertainment.

I feel like ultimately, that might be the best route for not just the players, but for us as well, too. But again, to reiterate, the possibility of more DLC content for Final Fantasy XVI is not zero.”

So while Final Fantasy XVI fans can look forward to Rising Tide, after that it seems like their energy would be better spent waiting for whatever new project is next from the team at Creative Business Unit III, instead of hoping for more FFXVI DLC.

Source – [GameInformer]