Mortal Kombat X Predator DLC is all you want it to be…awesome

Mortal Kombat X has been out a little over three months and has become well received amongst critics and fans of the franchise. Its over the top gore, crisp graphics and nostalgic characters make the game a must have for fans of the series and fighting game enthusiasts.

The game did however receive some flack due to hefty price tag of the DLC…a whopping 30 bucks, which gets you four guest characters and some cool skins for other iconic characters. Responding to complaints, NetherRealm studios has added iconic fatalities for some characters as well as some stage fatalities that will be included with each update.

Mortal Kombat predator

Out of all the DLC characters, one has been most anticipated…the one and only Predator! NetherRealm seems to have nailed the look of Predator for each of his three fighting variations; one which depicts his grotesque insect-like face and another with a gun protruding from his shoulder. He is instantly recognizable on the character select screen and is likely to become many gamers go to fighter. But how does he play?

Right from the get go, Predator gives you those nostalgic fuzzy feelings directly from the fight’s intro. Roaring directly at the opponent or appearing out of thin air, it seems as if he disengages his cloaking ability. He moves as you think Predator would…in a stalking hunter-type fashion. His moves are a collaboration of intelligent design on NetherRealm’s part and elements pulled directly from the movies. He can shoot a laser beam from his shoulder gun in one variation, and set a trap which holds the opponent upside down deeming them vulnerable to an incoming attack for another. He can also cloak and even self detonate to keep rivals at bay.

Audio is where I think NetherReam Studios really nailed it. Predator’s distinctive snarls and roars are all here and they sound just like you remember. When predator is hit he unleashes a series of battle grunts as neon green blood spills on the floor, which is a really nice touch. When Predator wins a round, he mimics his opponents laugh with an eerie taunt. All the clangs from his blades also hit all the right notes and make you smile with nostalgic pride.

His fatalities and brutalities are satisfyingly gory to say the least…and I’m not going to spoil them because it’s great to experience them first hand. His victory outro has to be my favorite in the game as he rips out his opponent’s skull and displays the skull in his spaceship as a proud hunter would, showcasing it amongst many others he has collected.

All in all, Predator seems to fit perfectly within the Mortal Kombat universe. Fans of the films will not be disappointed as NetherRealm has done this iconic character justice. Now all we need is the queen from the Alien movies and we can truly have our own Alien vs Predator match to end that debate as to which sci-fi horror icon is the greatest.

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