Mortal Kombat X reveal set for EVO 2014

NetherRealm Studios, developers of Mortal Kombat X, posted a photo on its official Facebook page today teasing a reveal for MKX at the fighting game tournament, EVO.

The picture, seen below, shows that the reveal is set for the Injustice Finals, Saturday July 12, 12:00PM PDT.

Could this be a reveal for a new kombatant, or the return of a familiar face? The text, “I stand watch for eternity” has lead some to expect a Raiden reveal and since he’s a series regular that wouldn’t be too far of a reach.

EVO is currently in full swing with a very strong first day, with semi-finals and finals matches taking place on Saturday and Sunday. 

Are you having fun watching EVO? Excited for the reveal on Saturday? Discuss in the comments.