MotorStorm Devil’s Weekend patch

Today, November 8, the developers of MotorStorm will be releasing a new 3.0 patch along with the new Devil’s Weekend DLC available through the PSN store.

The Update 3.0 patch will feature the following:

– Support for DualShock 3 with adjustable sensitivity settings
– Sensitivity settings for SixAxis Motion Sensor control
– The concept of having your finishing position from the last race determining where you will be starting for the next race within the same online lobby.
– Grid order for first race in any online lobby is completely randomized

The Devil’s Weekend will feature the following:

– 4 New tickets containing 10 races
– 5 New vehicles and one special unlockable vehicle, all with three new skins.
– A Halloween (Belated gift) themed vehicle available to everyone who updates to the new server patch 3.0.

Developed by Evolution Studios, MotorStorm is the PlayStaton 3’s flagship racing title that puts gamers into crazed racing environments with lots of mud and dirt. Players can pick from dirt bikes, ATVs, sand rails, rally cars, and monster trucks to test out their racing skills against the computer A.I. or online against friends/foes.

MotorStorm comes free with every purchase of the 80GB PlayStation 3.

Source: PlayStation Blog