MotorStorm gets v3.1 patch upgrade

Last month, MotorStorm received patch update, which included all-important DualShock 3 support. Now Evolution Studios, the brains behind MotorStorm is releasing the 3.1 patch upgrade.

While it is not as big as the Devil’s Weekend patch the new update will include mirrored tracks and 2D vehicle selection.

The mirrored track feature is an interesting addition that allows gamers to experience a track from a different perspective. Where players would initially have to make a right turn, the mirrored track will have them going to the left instead.

Secondly, the vehicle selection screen will be able to be operated not only through 3D form, but also through a 2D grid, which will speed up the selection process, allowing gamers to get to the race faster. A proximity meter as well as two new audio tracks "Devils Crossing" by Elite Force and "Beat the Devil" b Jiffster has also been added.

MotorStorm still continues to be one of the strongest PS3 titles to date. Lets just hope that that the success will warrant a sequel.

Source: PS3fanboy