MotorStorm v1.2 update delayed once again

The upcoming MotorStorm v1.2 update is arriving a little more than fashionably late.

Originally planned to release on June 7th, the update promises multiple small fixes with the addition of a free Time Attack mode. "Technical issues" were cited for the original delay to the 11th. It was then pushed back to June 14th in order to coincide with today’s PlayStation Store update. However, it appears that the update has been delayed yet again, with no firm date in place.

A Sony spokesperson describes the situation: "A new issue was found on the 1.2 patch that could result in consumers not being able to establish network connection. At this time we need to continue to run tests and monitor the issues to ensure that it does not occur when the patch goes live if there is network latency. It is in the best interest of the consumer that we resolve the current problem to ensure the bug does not cause problems for future patches or updates."

We’ll keep you informed on the state of MotorStorm’s 1.2 update when more information becomes available.