Multiplayer was Dead Space 2’s ‘most requested feature’

Visceral Games has revealed that Dead Space 2’s multiplayer component ranked as the most requested feature to be included in the horror sequel by fans of the original game.

Dead Space 2 features competitive multiplayer, allowing gamers to hop in to the shoes of hardened soldier types or the dexterous, razor-sharp limbs of the shuffling Necromorphs hordes.

"Multiplayer was the most requested feature for Dead Space 2," executive producer Steve Papoutsis told GamerZines. "Numerous people wanted to be able to experience Dead Space with their friends after finishing the single player story."

"Given that feedback we wanted to deliver a game that our players would enjoy and listening to what they listed as the number one feature addition made sense," he added, though quickly moved to assure fans that "the approach we took made sense for our particular game."

Dead Space 2 is due out in January 2011.