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MultiVersus Has Eclipsed 20 Million Players In Less Than A Month

Since the open beta launched on July 26, 2022, MultiVersus has only continued growing, first hitting 10 million players in no time, and now not long after it has already eclipsed 20 million players worldwide.

It’s an incredible pace, and just the kind a live-service game wants to see.

The idea that any platform fighter could even be close to as popular as Super Smash Bros. seemed more and more far-fetched, as years passed with failed attempts to throw Nintendo’s core fighter off its perch.

While it is still far too early to say that MultiVersus could stand up to Smash in its totality, MultiVersus is the only game in a long time to have the kind of popularity and success required for a platform fighter to really catch on.

It’s focus on online multiplayer matches, and the potential for a professional league somewhere down the line all point to what could be a very bright future for Player First Game’s smash hit.

Source – [VentureBeat]