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Naraka: Bladepoint Developer Is Hoping For Console Release By End Of 2021

24 Entertainment has said that it’s hoping to bring Naraka: Bladepoint to consoles by the end of the year, with the game drummed up considerable interest on Steam recently thanks to free-to-play demos and Open Betas sessions.

The full version of the game will be unleashed for the PC on August 24, but the Chinese developer hasn’t forgotten about console players. While there’s no release date in sight right now, it seems we’ll be getting it by end of the year.

Speaking with The Loadout, Raylan Kwan, overseas marketing manager for 24 Entertainment, commented:

We’re working with Sony already and hopefully we will get the console version out by the end of this year, if everything goes well. We can’t promise it, because there aren’t many Chinese studios developing console versions of games, and the development team is fully focused on the PC launch right now.

We’re also talking with Xbox but right now we don’t have a big enough dev team to do all the porting altogether. But I think the situation will get much better after the PC launch.

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Naraka: Bladepoint has yet to attract a release date for consoles but we’ll keep you posted.

[Source – The Loadout]