Nate Wells leaves Naughty Dog — report

Nate Wells, Lead Artist on The Last of Us, has left Naughty Dog for Giant Sparrow as revealed on his Twitter profile, marking another departure in the list of the company’s recent farewells.

Although his LinkedIn profile still states his position at Naughty Dog, job hopping is not entirely foreign to Wells. You may remember that he left Irrational Games and pitched his tent at Naughty Dog back in 2012, expanding his credentials from the likes of BioShock and the Thief series.

Wells labeled his position at Giant Sparrow, makers of The Unfinished Swan, as Art Director. The Sony Santa Monica-based studio is under a three-game contract with Sony, and the team is reportedly working on an enigmatic project called Edith Finch.

Does Wells’ probable adieu surprise you, or is this another ordinary walk in the park for an industry veteran? Let us know in the comments section below.