Nazi Zombies mentioned in CoD: Black Ops guide listing

Online retailer listings for BradyGames’ official Call of Duty: Black Ops strategy guide have let slip that the Treyarch shooter will apparently feature World at War’s popular Nazi Zombie mode.

Both GameStop and Play-Asia mention that the guide will include "Nazi zombie coverage," though don’t give any further details on the fan favourite mode.

The undead mini-game has been rumored to make a return in the Cold War-era FPS for quite some time now, following a mention in a listing for the Black Ops Hardened Edition. Despite this, neither Treyarch nor publisher Activision has officially confirmed its presence in the game.

Nazi Zombies proved quite the popular distraction following its inclusion in CoD: World at War, and even spawned its own mini-game for iOS back in November 2009.

Call of Duty: Black Ops will be deployed to retails worldwide on November 9.