NBA 2K10’s 10th Anniversary edition revealed

For the most part, special editions, anniversary editions, and limited editions don’t offer much to the average gamer. For hardcore fans of whatever game is getting the extra treatment, however, sometimes these specials really offer, well, something special. 

Take, for instance, 2K Sports’ 10th Anniversary edition of NBA 2K10. The $99.99 USD package not only comes with the game and an exclusive Kobe Bryant figure by McFarlane Toys, but it also comes with a poster of the Lakers’ star, a video about the NBA 2K series, and an account on the “Gold Room,” which is a special online lobby for the game. 

We suppose this package is perfect for the true basketball fan, especially those gloating over the LA Lakers national championship. Even if you aren’t a big basketball fan, you may want to pick up the anniversary edition since it comes with a storage locker designed to hold 20 games. That’s probably big enough to fill with your sports games collection. Hopefully it won’t smell like a regular locker.