Need for Speed ProStreet dated

Electronic Arts has announced that the next instalment in the Need for Speed series, ProStreet, will be released in North American territories from October 31, with a European release following a day later.

The game’s Executive Producer, Larry LaPierre, commented, “The Need for Speed franchise has always been on the cutting edge of car culture”.

“Street racing is getting more organized and Need for Speed ProStreet is our interpretation of where we anticipate the culture to be in three to five years. This is a next-gen game, packed with the raw intensity and visceral aggression that defines street racing at the highest level.”

Need for Speed ProStreet allows gamers to tune and refine their own vehicles before taking them to the streets and competing in a variety of different game modes, including Grip, Drag, Drift and Speed challenges. Developed from the ground up with all-new physic and visual effects, ProStreet aims to take the series in a new direction, eliminating the presence of law enforcements by opting to utilize closed tracks, whilst still maintaining the addition of having your own wingmen. Over 60 cars spread across 26 different manufacturers will be available in the game, including eight supercars.

Need for Speed ProSreet will be released for PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, Wii and DS. Stay tuned for more coverage in the coming months.