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Netflix Renews Castlevania: Nocturne For Season 2

Netflix has renewed its new animated Castlevania: Nocturne series for a second season, only a week after the first season has debuted with critics and fans alike praising the new series.

Castlevania: Nocturne follows Richter Belmont as the protagonist and sets the show in 18th century France, where a group of aristocrats have joined forces with an evil Vampire Messiah.

It’s up to Belmont to lead the fight against the Vampire Messiah, across eight episodes.

“Thanks to all of the ‘Castlevania’ fans old and new for the amazing response and support!” said the shows creator and co-showrunner Clive Bradley and co-showrunner Kevin Kolde.

“We are excited to be able to bring you more ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ and the next chapter in the rise of Richter Belmont.”

Nocturne is part of Konami’s recent efforts to utilize its world famous IP to greater use not just in games but across other mediums as well.

So far for Castlevania, beyond a few remasters of old titles the IP has been put to use more outside of games, but hopefully a new series entry is in development.

Source – [Variety]