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Neverwinter Update 10.04 Brings Changes To Combat, Champions, And More

Cryptic Studios has unleashed the Neverwinter update 10.04 patch notes for you to digest, which comes packing a series of changes to various areas including combat, champions, and economy. Read up the latest Neverwinter patch notes below.

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  • Cunning Mimic: The Cunning Hunter power now properly grants the stats that it states in the tooltip.
  • Lich: Players who have the Lich Companion but did not get the bonus powers can now visit the Reward Claims Agent for a pack with this bonus power.

Dragonbone Vale

  • Items displayed at the Corruption Researcher’s shop in the Dragonbone Vale are now purchasable.


  • “Gather Your Party” circles now have the same functionality they had prior to the release of Dragonbone Vale, and no longer teleport people unexpectedly.

Content and Environment


  • The Adventurers’ Guild landmark now displays on the map in Protector’s Enclave.
  • The collision on one of the lava rocks used in various locations throughout the game should now more closely match its visual edges.
  • The Demogorgon trial entrance cave no longer shows outdated requirements.
  • The professions cutscene with Lady Begum should now play properly.
  • The Undead and the Dying: Decrepit Skeletons are no longer afraid of water in the Soldier’s Memorial.

Dragonbone Vale

  • Dragonsight Treasures should no longer allow extra interacts in certain circumstances.
  • Scaleblight Mythal: The floor in the instanced fight should now better show warning effects.
  • The blocked arcana node and journal interact in the Quellwater Tarn is now interactable.
  • The distant background now looks a bit better from one of the Heroic Encounter locations.
  • The dwarven aqueduct should have smoother lighting and less strange visual behavior.

Queued Content

  • Lair of the Mad Mage: The campfire after Arcturia no longer unlocks before she’s defeated.
  • Temple of the Spider: Halbryn Darkstalker should now be more difficult to bypass.
  • Temple of the Spider: Lord Jevahn Jhalvar should now be more difficult to lure off the edge of the arena.
  • Temple of the Spider: Various campfires now properly activate throughout the dungeon.
  • The Reaper’s Challenge daily reset has been moved back to 2:00 AM Pacific.

Future Events

Note: These notes use the present tense, but most are only relevant while their related events are active.


  • Outdated references to character levels have been removed from various event descriptions.
  • Summer Festival: Gormengeena will be a little less of a pushover.

Protector’s Jubilee

  • Ceremonial Transmutes and Fey Weapon Transmutes are now available to Bards.
  • Existing versions of Elminster’s Lunchbox have been renamed to Elminster’s Vintage Lunchbox. It is no longer available for purchase, and has been replaced by a new version.
  • Gloaming Court Fashion and Summer Court Fashion now binds on equip.
  • Protector’s Figurines are now properly awarded from Protector’s Bounty based on the daily reset timer, rather than 24 hours since the last one was awarded.
  • Scoring for the merchant escorting Heroic Encounters is now less strict to players who stop to collect loot or engage with nearby enemy encounters.

Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Fighter: Retaliate’s damage is no longer reduced by the fighter’s own Critical Avoidance value.
  • Warlock: A typo has been fixed in the passive power “Dark One’s Blessing.”

Enchantments and Enhancements

  • Players who had the temporary Combat Enchantment equipped no longer deal zero damage while invulnerable.

Mount Powers & Bonuses

  • The New Year’s Tiger’s insignia combination can now form the Insignia Bonus power “Cavalry’s Warning.”

Items and Economy


  • Decanter of Atropal Essence now grants Collections credit for all tiers below the one the player has. For players who already have it, you may have to move the item in your inventory before the Collections credit is given.
  • The Tyranny of Dragons and Rise of Tiamat categories have been merged.

Item Powers

  • Charged Precision now properly states that it gives 7.5% Accuracy, rather than the erroneous 750% Accuracy. This is a tooltip change only.
  • The Mirage set bonus now alludes to the fact that an unexpected illusion can occur on occasion.
  • Wand of Wonders: The Stinking Cloud power will no longer provide the caster a buff while out of combat. It will continue to target enemies during combat.

Refining and Upgrading

  • Enchantments can now properly be donated to the Stronghold Coffer.
  • The Stronghold no longer sells Companion Overload Enchantments.
  • Various Artifacts with Restoration mechanics should now properly be upgradeable at all appropriate ranks.


  • Little Linda: This vanity pet now properly has an icon.
  • Peridots are now picked up automatically in multiple instances of group content.
  • Rare Mount Insignias are now picked up automatically in multiple instances of group content.
  • Tomb of the Nine Gods: The third chest, with the Envenomed Cache, has been removed. Instead, this is now awarded by the end-of-dungeon chest.
  • Various bosses now grant Seals of the Adventurer to players automatically, rather than throwing them on the ground.
  • Various other items are now picked up automatically when approached, rather than requiring an interaction.
  • Various locations no longer drop old-style Enchantments.

Rewards (Dragonbone Vale Specific)

  • The following Transmute items at the Corruption Researcher in the Dragonbone Vale incorrectly had visual effects applied on them when previewing them. These visual effects have been removed.
    • Corrupted Circlet
    • Corrupted Hide
    • Corrupted Vambraces
    • Corrupted Greaves
  • The Corrupted Researcher no longer displays two Corrupted Circlets for sale.


  • Mirage weapons now have an unbind cost, starting at 5 tokens for the lowest rank, up to 40 tokens for the highest.
  • Motes other than Coalescent Motes have had their unbinding costs reduced.

Wondrous Bazaar

  • The 100% Off Character Loadout coupon now properly references the Wondrous Bazaar, rather than the Zen Market.

User Interface


  • Enchantment categories can now be filtered in searches.
  • The Enchantment category should be more easily browsable.

Character Sheet

  • Players no longer receive an error message about their ability scores when retraining boons.


  • Item tooltips for stat bonuses should now be in a consistent order on every item.
  • Though the known case of this issue was previously addressed, the root cause of unique Insignias disappearing when unequipped has been addressed.


  • Loadout swaps should no longer be blocked by Wondrous Dragons.

Notification Settings

  • Due to the Team Loot: Fly In checkbox not functioning, it’s been removed for the time being, until it can be properly addressed.


  • [PlayStation and Xbox only] Selling the last item in a bag will no longer cause the cursor to disappear.

Art and Audio

Visual Effects

  • Boots of Misty Step should no longer glitch out when summoned. As a bonus, the summon effects should be less performance-intensive.

Performance and Stability


  • [PlayStation only] An occasional crash has been addressed.
  • [Xbox Series X and S] The splash screen no longer flickers when initially loading the game on this system.

Known Issues from Launch – Remaining

Character Art Visuals

  • Ancient Scalebreaker’s Barbute is incorrectly invisible on male dragonborn characters.

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