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Neverwinter Update 10.53 Brings Changes To Rise Of Tiamat, Protector’s Jubilee

Cryptic Studios has announced the Neverwinter update 10.53 patch notes, which brings yet more tweaks to the game including changes to Rise of Tiamat and Protector’s Jubilee.

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Rise of Tiamat


  • Severin’s Fire Ball power no longer knocks players back on Normal mode.
  • Severin’s Flame Bolt damage has been reduced by 20%.
  • The damage dealt by enemies has been reduced across the board.

Known Issues

  • Fire Wall incorrectly ignores temporary immunity granted by Scrolls of Life and other similar recovery mechanics.

Protector’s Jubilee


  • Elminster no longer incorrectly states that the Confetti Machination is unlocked account-wide.

Items and Economy

Zen Market

  • The Golden Bell item is no longer purchasable from the Zen Market. (This had been hotfixed late last week.)
  • Golden Bells can now be exchanged for 75000 Astral Diamonds each at the Antiquities Scholar in Protector’s Enclave.

User Interface


  • Color Picker: The name in sight for Midnightlight’s Candle Glow has been made right from “Mightnightlight.”

Reward Packs

  • The count of boxes in a player’s inventory no longer incorrectly displays on standard reward packs.

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