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Neverwinter Update 10.72 Adds Masquerade Of Liars Event, Key Bug Fixes

The Neverwinter update 10.72 patch notes have been blown wide open by developer Cryptic Studios today, which unleashes a new event in the shape of the Masquerade of Liars, plus a bunch of bug fixes.

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Release Notes

Upcoming Events

Masquerade of Liars

  • A potential fix for empty pumpkin interactions has been made. They should now directly grant the appropriate treats.
  • The collection for the Masquerade of Liars has been updated with this year’s rewards, and split into categories.
  • Various issues with quest flow have been improved upon.

Content and Environment

Neverdeath Graveyard

  • An occlusion issue has been addressed on a ramp in the southern area of the Graveyard.
    • (This class of issue often results in objects disappearing or flickering when the camera is behind an invisible plane that tells it things on the other side are safe not to draw.)

Tutorial Flow

  • Players who discard the Wooden Insignia can now gain another.
  • Various tutorial quests now properly have waypoints to Sergeant Knox’s location in the Adventurers’ Guild instead of in Protector’s Enclave.

Enemies and Encounters

Rise of Tiamat (Master)

  • The Dragon Soul Mastery achievement can now properly be completed.

Items and Economy


  • Various items in the “Other Currencies Bag” that stopped being usable at vendors should now be spendable again.
    • This fix is functional only in the vendor UI and does not apply to Chain of Scales and Resonance. We aim to have a fix for the remaining non-vendor currencies in the future.

Artifact Sets

  • Dragonbone Wand’s artifact set pieces can no longer be converted to refining points.
  • Repurposed Phylactery’s set pieces can no longer be converted to refining points.

User Interface


  • Ignoring players is now less likely to fail.
  • When ignoring a player, messages in the chat log are now retroactively hidden.
    • Un-ignoring the player will cause chat messages hidden in this way to reappear, but messages they sent while they were ignored will not display.

Contact Dialogs

  • When turning in certain types of repeatable quests, newly-available quests now show immediately in the contact dialog, rather than after closing and reopening the contact dialog.

Zen Market

  • Store entries that have already been purchased and are reclaimable for free now sort to the bottom of a selected category.
  • The Zen Market now consistently displays within 5 seconds of opening. (In most cases it should still be near-instant.)

Issues seen only on Xbox platforms

  • A disconnect that frequently occurred when a player joined or left a party, especially often seen at the end of queued content, has been addressed.
  • Players using locales other than the primary one for a given language now properly see the correct locale in-game.
    • For instance, players using the French (Canada) language setting will now properly see the French localization.
  • Physical keyboards once again properly function.

Known Issues

Xbox only

  • The size of this patch is much larger than it should be. This should be significantly improved with future patches.
  • Holding a directional button for an extended period of time in menus currently fails to scroll more than one step in that direction per press. A fix for this is currently in testing.