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Neverwinter Update 8.10 Patch Notes Confirmed, Features Class And Weapon Balances

Cryptic Studios has announced the Neverwinter update 8.10 patch notes, which adds a number of balance changes to the game for classes, weapons and more. Grab the latest Neverwinter patch notes below.

Neverwinter Update 8.10 Patch Notes

Content and Environment


  • Infernal Warmachine: Enemies required to complete this Heroic Encounter now spawn after players engage it, which should prevent the encounter from becoming stuck.
  • Mote of Virtue: If the player or party is defeated near the end, they no longer have a chance to retain the context-dependent power granted to them.
  • Players are less likely to be able to double-jump extra high from the jump pads in the Stygian Docks.
  • Various devils no longer incorrectly shout, “For the Nashers!”

Zariel’s Challenge

  • Ground targeting indicators for player powers should more consistently display in the combat area.
  • Visual improvements have been made to the environment.


  • There was an issue with the way Doer of Deeds and Great Deeds were updated, that has now been resolved. They should complete based off of story milestones that roughly corresponded to the original Deeds system on log in. Doer of Deeds will complete based on the quest Back Up from Ebon Downs. Great Deeds will complete based on the quest Protector’s Emissary.


  • The Summer Artisan has finally received the message that the Festival has ended, and is no longer available for event-based Profession tasks.


  • Barovia: Merchant Misery: The final wave of scarecrows finally spawns in a timely manner.
  • Characters in the certain story quests are less likely to talk over each other.
  • Ebon Downs: Foliage no longer incorrectly has collision.

Combat and Powers

Healing Adjustments

  • The visual effect indicators applied by the class mechanics “Mark of Divinity,” “Aura of Divinity,” and “Lifemark” have been removed and replaced by similar indicators that appear as part of the user interface now instead. This ensures that the indicators are always visible above the player’s health bar when it is displayed. Enabling the settings to hide all overhead information (found in Options->Interface->HUD) will hide the overhead healing mark.
    • In addition, a small version of the indicator is now visible in the party pane next to the marked target’s name.

Classes and Balance

  • Barbarian (Sentinel)
    • Raging Bladeturn now more clearly states that it does not add to the Deflect rating.
  • Warlock (Soulweaver)
    • The class feature “Dark One’s Blessing” now correctly states that it generates 60 soulweave, rather than 6 soul sparks. (Functionality has not changed.)
  • Wizard (Any)
    • Casting an AoE fire spell followed by an AoE ice spell now more consistently applies Rimefire Smolder to all appropriate targets.
    • Shard of the Endless Avalanche can no longer generate Action Points outside of combat.


  • Token of Chromatic Storm: The acid debuff no longer stacks when multiple players use this artifact power.


  • An issue has been resolved wherein some stats would be temporarily reduced when a combat companion was KO’d. As a result of this fix, stat contributions from bonding runestones should no longer be reduced when your combat companion is KO’d.
  • Grung’s Instincts: This player power now functions consistently with the Snow Leopard’s.

Item Powers

  • Infernal Forged Shirt: This item’s effect no longer allows players to gain Action Points outside of combat under certain circumstances.

Item Sets

  • Hellfire Engine: This set bonus’ buff tooltip text has been corrected.
  • Legion Guard: This set bonus no longer incorrectly provides stats to companions.

Enemies and Encounters

Avernus Zone

  • Infernal Warmachine: The spears fired by the machine now properly fire in the direction of the warning indicator.

Zariel’s Challenge

  • Zariel can no longer become stuck under certain circumstances.

Items and Economy


  • Spined Devil: This companion now properly bolsters the Mystical category.

Zen Market

  • Going forward, 20% Mount sales will also apply to Insignia Packs in the Supplies category. Mount coupons do not apply to this purchase.
  • Going forward, 20% Companion sales will also apply to the Companion Upgrade Pack in the Supplies category, as well as the Companion Upgrade Bundle in the Packs category. Companion coupons do not apply to this purchase.
  • Legendary Bonus Insignia Pack: The drop chance of a Legendary Mount from this promotional purchase has been somewhat increased.
  • The Refinement Pack on the Zen Market has been improved.


  • The Scarf of Embellishments can now properly be added to the Appearance library.

User Interface


  • When trying to collect an item remotely, the delivery fee prompt now shows the name of the item.


  • When purchasing items in a batch, the count of purchased items is now displayed in the “Item Received” notification.



  • The Quasit companion should now be less obnoxious.