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Neverwinter Update 9.67 His PS4 With Changes To Economy, Environment, And More

Cryptic Studios has unwrapped the Neverwinter update 9.67 patch notes for you to gawk at, which comes packing another batch of changes to areas such as economy, items, environments, and more. Read up on the Neverwinter patch notes below.

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Content and Environment

Echoes of Prophecy

  • The portal that takes you between Scar Keep and the Jagged Approach now properly supports the Echoes of Prophecy campaign.
  • Plaguetouched Maws now respawn approximately twice as quickly to ease Echoes of Prophecy quest completion.


  • Siege of Neverwinter: Strongholds: Fixed a bug that prevented Stronghold Guards used in Send Aid to Neverwinter from reporting for duty.
  • Siege of Neverwinter: Fixed an issue that prevented the bosses for Cult Assault and Cult Invasion from spawning correctly in instances where the Heroic Encounters occurred back to back.

Items and Economy


  • Magnificent Resurgence Choice Packs now properly provide the golden companion’s account unlock pack, rather than just applying the golden companion itself directly to the player. We’re looking into ways to address this retroactively.
  • When claiming the Greenscale Bowman – Account, the reclaimability is now properly granted. We’re looking into ways to retroactively apply the reclaimability to accounts that were affected, but that is not ready yet.

Reward Claims Agent

  • Players who claimed Hunting Hawk – Account can now properly reclaim a Hunting Hawk from the Reward Claims Agent.

Performance and Stability


  • A recently-introduced crash in the inventory system has been addressed. (For real this time)