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New Apex Legends Update Finally Gives Seer A Nerf

The latest character in Respawn’s critically and commercially acclaimed battle royale movement shooter Apex Legends, Seer, has been causing quite the stir within the game’s community, with many players calling for the new legend to get a serious nerf, and it finally seems like that nerf is here with the latest patch 1.78 out now for PS5 and PS4.

It’s not an unusual thing to occur in live service games and more specifically hero shooters like Apex Legends where a new character or mechanic introduced adjusts the game in a way that is just far too overpowering or is barely useable, and needs some tweaking.

Since it is the former in this case with Seer, many players, even some high ranking professional level players and streamers have developed a bit of a distain for Seer, though hopefully these adjustments will now even things out.

You can check out the full patch notes for yourself in a tweet below here, though some of the major changes as user alphaINTEL reports are the adjustment to Seer’s tactical no longer doing any damage, and the flash effect has been removed from it. His ultimate cooldown has been increased, and his passive abilities’ range has been reduced.

Source – [Respawn, via Twitter]