New Battlefield 4 Naval Strike trailer showcases Carrier Assault mode

After a rocky start with the launch of Battlefield 4, developer DICE has been trying to clean it up as best as it can, squashing bugs and improving performance and network stability with hot-fixes or in named expansions, which also contain new maps, guns, camos, assignments and in the case of Naval Strike, a whole new game mode.

The new trailer shows the new game mode, entitled: "Carrier Assault" which pays homage to the classic Titan mode in Battlefield 2142.

The game starts off as basically a round of Conquest: both teams have to hold the area around a missile site to capture it and it then results in the missiles firing at the enemy carrier.

Both carriers have a hull health that goes down every time a missile from a captured missile site hits it and when one of the carrier’s health is completely depleted, it then turns into a game of Rush.

Defenders must defend a set of M-COM’s onboard their carrier while the attackers storm the carrier and try to reach the M-COMs. If the attackers arm and stop the defenders from defusing the M-COMs then massive doors open up that lead to the final objective that the attackers must arm to win.

Naval Strike will be available on March 25 for premium members and April 8 for non-premium members and includes 4 new maps (Nansha Strike, Operation Mortar, Lost Islands and Wave Breaker), 3 new weapons, 10 new assignments and a new hovercraft vehicle. 

Naval Strike is the 3rd of 5 planned expansions for Battlefield 4 with the next two, (Dragon’s Teeth and Final Stand) being available sometime in the summer.

You can see the Carrier Assault Trailer down below. Let us know what you think, too.