New Battlefield game in development, coming to PS4 in 2018


A new Battlefield game is currently in development, Electronic Arts boss Andrew Wilson confirmed during a recent investor’s call.

The new shooter is currently pencilled in for a 2018 release, with Wilson confirming the project, which remains unnamed, will utilise the Frostbite engine. Presumably, this means that the new game will feature destructible environments and top-notch visuals, much like the critically acclaimed Battlefield 1.

Right now, it’s unknown which direction the new Battlefield game will take. Battlefield 1 was a huge success, and one may assume that EA will be keen to follow up on the World War One-based shooter. On the other hand, there’s a chance that we may see a spin-off entry similar to Hardline, or perhaps a return to the Battlefield: Bad Company series,

One thing is for sure though, Battlefield will not be following a similar path to Call of Duty, in the sense it won’t release on an annual release schedule. This year’s major EA game is of course Star Wars Battlefront 2, so it’s likely we’ll see a new Battlefield game every couple of years going by previous efforts.

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Source: ComicBook