Gamescom 2014 News

New details emerge about Bloodborne’s combat system

A post on the PlayStation Blog by Masaaki Yamagiwa from Japan Studio sheds light on the game’s themes and gameplay mechanics.

According to the producer, the three pillars of PS4 exclusive, gothic action RPG will be exploring the unknown, intense life and death battles, and unique online experiences.

By traversing through dark and deathly environments, players will be able to explore hazardous areas of great detail and gothic atmosphere with danger lurking in each corner. In this dangerous journey, plenty of enemies will be encountered, dragging the main character into fierce battles. Evolving the system of their previous games, Japan Studio now emphasizes on multiple mechanics to give more depth and add more strategy to gameplay. This time around, there will be no huge shields to hide behind, and weapons will feature more variety. Being mindlessly offensive will not prove to be a good idea, as the enemies will be smarter, quicker, and more aggressive.

Another addition, which looks to be excecuted wisely, is the Regain System in which the player will be able to regain part of his or her lost HP by striking an enemy quickly after receiving damage. Speaking of strikes, weapons in Bloodborne will feature evolved design, including firearms that will drive back enemies and cause massive damage at close range. Each weapon will provide priviledges as well as disadvantages by offering different range, strength, and speed, thus giving the players more freedom to customize the way he or she wants to approach an enemy.

A playable demo is presented at Gamescom in Cologne, showcasting the game’s content, while more information, including a description of the game’s online features, will appear later this year. Below you can view the trailer that appeared in Sony’s presentation earlier today.  

Bloodborne, although heavily bases its identity on the studio’s previous hits Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls I and II, pleasantly appears to be more distinctive and evolved from its spiritual predecessors. An aspect of the game we have few information about, apart from the online features, is the story, which has been a weak spot of the past Souls games. Let us hope there will be one this time. Tell us what you think about Bloodborne in the comments section.